Build an Anteek Car

Follow Sam around, and he will show you
how to build an anteek car!

First, go to the job site.

Look around for parts.

Think about this for a minute.

Check part for flaws.

Check assembly for accuracy.

Adjust same.

Install side motor cover.

Order back window.

Pick up back window.

Install back window,
then reinstall side motor cover that fell.

Adjust seat height.

Test seat height.

Take lunch break.

Kick around for more parts.

Deliver fenders.

Determine which is what.

Install front fender.

Check for alignment.

Install rear fender.

Check for alignment.

Rework side motor cover.

Improvise as per union contract.

Don't get in a hurry.

Readjust side motor cover.

Check for alignment.

Reinstall rear window that fell.

Check rear window.

Ready for the car lot.

Pose for union boss.

Take it for a test drive.

— Under the auspices of Smiling Bear LLC

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