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Black Hills In-Home Cabins
Chokecherry Bed and Breakfast

Home-Sweet-Home Away from Home
For Your Black Hills Vacation . . .
make 🐾  to the Heart of the Hills

Nightly Vacation Rental
near Mt. Rushmore
Central Black Hills
Hill City, South Dakota

As we happily look forward
to meeting all our future vacationers
who will be visiting the beautiful Black Hills,
we are reminded of our gratitude
for the past wonderful years
which we were blessed to enjoy,
and for all the new friends we made
because they chose to stay with us.

HIGHLIGHT ☕ Smiling Bear's Espresso Menu
for staying guests

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Black Hills In-Home Cabins
Returning Again Soon

April 1, 2021, Sam and Linda Brown sold
the Hill City B&B vacation rental property
which was owned, operated and loved by them
for 15 years—2006 through March 31, 2021.
They have retained the name
Black Hills Home Cabins
and are adding as B&B the name
Chokecherry Bed and Breakfast

A new hospitality home is under construction!

Meanwhile . . .
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remains available to you, with our pleasure,
(a smaller footprint) relocated downtown:
272 Main Street, Hill City, South Dakota.
Questions at this time can be directed to us
via email blackhillshomecabins@gmail.com

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formerly open to the general public,
will be integrated with the new
Chokecherry Bed and Breakfast
a.k.a. Black Hills Home Cabins.

Life can be somewhat like a movie . . .
you are not only watching but are playing a key role.
Occasionally an intermission, a pause, is needed.
And few places offer refreshment better than the Black Hills.
Dream of your trip—
Exploring, Adventuring, Site-Seeing, Shopping, Dining,
of course Pausing, and RELAXING.

Black Hills Home Cabins
Chokecherry Bed and Breakfast
· presenting two in-home cabin-style accommodations ·
Eloosive Moose
Chokecherry Hideout
These inviting woodsy living quarters will have
cheering and modern amenities
to enhance and harmonize your relaxing place
and your venturing-out point.

You are sure to enjoy, too,
the bounty of conveniences and friendliness
found in our historic mountain town, Hill City. 

In the mountains
we forget to count the days.
- Japanese Proverb

When our hospitality home is announced open,
we invite you to reserve a stay . . .
. . . stay, and treat yourself!

Smiling Bear Espresso Bar
will offer staying guests
exclusive original signature creations
featuring local wild chokecherries— 
such as . . .
Latte / Mocha / Chai Latte /
Breve / Cappuccino / Frappe / Smoothie
and other unique beverages
which have stood the test of time.
We have the experience of 15 years
and you get to enjoy the benefits.
Smiling Bear's Wild Chokecherry creations
and other original coffee bar beverages
are our exclusive intellectual property
Copyright (c) 2006 to Present
Smiling Bear, LLC
All Rights Reserved

Our home-based Smiling Bear Espresso Bar and vacation rental accommodations will be situated IN ✧ Hill City, which feels in many delightful ways as if out in the piney woods, a small (and very likable) mountain town in the ✧ CENTRAL Black Hills, an exceptional location for  adventuring in any direction on the scenic highways that take you to your planned or unplanned activities, and  having foot access to a wonderful selection of in-town conveniences, such as shopping and dining. 

We are blessed indeed to remain settled near Mount Rushmore and the many other truly great iconic magnets that call out to travelers, from the mountains to the prairies!

to Black Hills tourists . . .
breathe in the mountains,
spend time in the forest—
It's like a youth fountain.

Sometimes we want the best of both worlds.
Our Black Hills In-Home Cabins can give you that satisfaction.
You can indulge yourself in the atmosphere of a cabin-like vacation
while having everything you need or want within walking distance.

Black Hills Home Cabins
occupies near proximity to the
George S. Mickelson Trail . . .
highly favored for exercise,
or bird and wildlife viewing.

The popular trail meanders
through town along Railroad Avenue.
Don't miss the historic tourist attraction . . .
Black Hills Central Railroad's 🚃 1880 Train,
stationed ALONG the trail.
Bike rentals
are just across the street from the Train.

Hill City has two laundromats.
For your grocery needs, Hill City's full service
Krull's Market is only a few blocks away.
And several churches grace this small community.
Probably you will devote some leisurely time to
historic downtown Hill City.
 That's where you will find everything 
from a hair salon to filet mignon
to dreamy ice cream and homemade fudge 
to a world class dinosaur museum.
You will savor the choices
of cafesgrills and restaurants
for breakfast, lunch and dinner!
Delve into the adventure:
Explore various unique shops and galleries.
Discover antiques, local art and fine gifts,
as well as trinkets and t-shirts.

Save Your Driving Time For Site-Seeing
In the HEART of the Hills, we are near MOUNT RUSHMORE, Custer State Park (for the ultimate viewing of buffalo, elk, antelope, wild burros and other wildlife), Wind Cave National Park, Jewel Cave National Monument, Crazy Horse Memorial, Black Elk Wilderness, Needles Highway, Cathedral Spires, mountain lakes (Sheridan, Pactola, Sylvan, Deerfield, Stockade, Legion, Bismarck, and Hill City's own Major Lake), BLACK ELK PEAK formerly Harney Peak, Norbeck Scenic Byway, the 111 mile long Centennial Trail.

Can you see yourself here? Any season you please  . . .
Through the soft snow of spring the wild crocus peeks;
Summer, in the sunset of wild raspberries, we reap;
The crisp fall leaves tell of neighbors in the forest deep; 
And winter quiets the thoughts of everything that breathes.

Copyright (c) 2006 to Present - Linda L. Brown


Hospitality that shows
you are on our minds.

Over the years (fifteen so far) many satisfied guests have taken time to write genuinely fond online reviews, as well as heart-warming notes in our guest books, on the cleanliness and comfort of their guest nests, on the deliciousness of their breakfasts, and on the friendliness of their hosts. Our former hospitality business was pleasingly intermingled as both bed and breakfast and Black Hills Home Cabins. And over the years there were many happy expressions by our guests referring to their space as their CABIN. We love the excitement about cabins, and so that is what our vacation rental business transition will settle into, just on a smaller scale than what we grew into for 15 years with the help of two amusing summer-granddaughters.

We love that our new place is being built in the beating heart of this charming mountain town, especially since Hill City is so friendly and brimming with history. And we love the central location in the beautiful Black Hills National Forest. Hill City truly is the HEART of the Hills!

There are so many intriguing choices for recreational direction that we often pause before driving into our adventure and inquire of each other, 'Which way should we go?' One of our favorite things to do is to take the scenic drive to Sylvan Lake and hike around the lake, soaking in the beauty from granite vantage points along the way. Another favorite is to take the scenic drive along Mount Rushmore Road and park at Horsethief Lake, where we can begin at the boardwalk for a hike around the lake. Serene, lovely, enchanting! Often on Sunday afternoons, we will pick a way to go to Custer State Park or perhaps Wind Cave National Park, where we may begin our outing with a nap, then view buffalo and other wildlife, and go for a nature walk.

This is now, yes, about transition, and we are currently relishing a vacation lifestyle in the tiny home our daughter and son-in-law recently purchased for their own adventures to the Heart of the Hills. Soon we will again be host and hostess . . . at our new Black Hills Home Cabins (or for breakfast-loving guests, Chokecherry Bed and Breakfast).  

Without question, we are deeply grateful for the glorious years we have been enriched by, getting to know so many of the wonderful travelers (thousands!) who venture to the alluring Black Hills that are our home. And we are excitedly anticipating meeting many more, maybe you, when we are re-located and re-established to again offer engaging in-home cabin accommodations—Eloosive Moose and Chokecherry Hideout—here in Hill City. 



In-Home Black Hills Cabins Near Mt. Rushmore
(Cabin-Style Accommodations)
In-Home Black Hills Cabins In Hill City, SD
Central Black Hills, South Dakota
Nightly Vacation Rental

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